Child Support Issues

Kids in the middle of a divorce are bombarded with a lot of issues. Parents often argue about the child support orders. Thus, causing great conflict and disharmony in the home. Children are confused and they feel like they are unsafe. It is the parent’s role to keep the kids out of the divorce conflicts and realize that parents are under obligation to support their children physically and emotionally.

Child Support Guidelines
Every state has a set of guidelines that establish the amount of the child support payments. The defining factors are the parents total income and the number of children that require support under the state’s law. It is interesting to note that this applies to paternity cases too. Agreements that fall within the guidelines are accepted by the court and granted.

In Arizona, and across the country, there are certain circumstances that make allowances for adjustments to the child support. For example, a parental health issue arises, changes in parental income, or a child’s changing needs. Generally, adjustments are made on the parent’s changing ability to pay or extreme health issues.

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