Divorcing Parents and Kids

Kids are the innocent victims caught in the middle of a divorce. A critical age is between 6 and 8. This is the stage that the child requires love and attention from both parents to grow up emotionally strong. Often, one parents’ negative attitude toward the other parent in the divorce strongly affects the child’s emotions.

The Developmental Stage
The 6 to 8 year old is starting to shape and form his view of the world. Generally, the child at this stage of development feels great loss. The world appears frightening and they grieve over the loss of a parent’s love. The main focus should be on the kids. Let them know that they are still loved by both parents. Keep them out of all divorce battles and conflicts. Notify the child’s school about the divorce situation. Ask them to notify you if they note that the child seems distracted or is acting unusual. This might demonstrate that the child is going through a hard time. This problem should be addressed promptly. School is a place for the child to grow, learn, and make friends. A stable school environment and home environment must be maintained for the younger child to develop properly.

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