Rules for Marital Estate

If you are considering going through a divorce, there are several rules of economics to keep in mind. The first rule is the debt incurred before the marriage is part of the marital estate. The next rule is the debts incurred for living is part of your marital estate. And the third rule is the debt incurred after legal separation has been filed is not part of your marital estate.

The debt you incurred before marriage and the debt you incurred during marriage is what will define the lifestyle you have grown accustom to. The debt occurred after marriage is much different than the debt occurred before marriage and the debt occurred during marriage. This debt for instance, if you make less income than your spouse, the debt you incur to maintain your lifestyle will be factored into the divorce proceedings. In some cases, your spouse whom makes more will be required to pay a certain amount to you to help you maintain the lifestyle that you have become accustomed too. When the lawyer analyzes the marital estate in comparison to the income both parties are making, they will give advice as the best course of action you can take.

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