Top-Rated Family Law Firm in Portland

If there is one field of law that affects almost everyone at some point of time in their lives, it has to be Family Law. The fact that it is never easy to adopt the legal course of action to settle a family issue makes it challenging both for the attorney and their clients. As the leading practitioners of family law in Portland we understand that these cases can be emotionally draining. Very few individual enjoy their personal lives coming out in public domain but when your life takes an ugly turn you need to ensure that the issues are settled legally to offer peace of mind and lead you to a better tomorrow.

No two Family law cases are same and each requires a unique and dedicated approach. This is where we take up your case with a fresh mind and spend quality time in understanding the circumstances that is leading you to adopt legal actions. If you prefer negotiated settlement we would strongly advocate for your interest and argue passionately for the outcome you desire. On the other hand if you want to take it to the trial court, we shall do everything for your right.

At Portland Family Relief Law Firm we have always believe in bringing a caring approach to Family Law issues. Whether you are going through divorce, separation, settling issues related to child support or planning for an adoption we would handle the case professionally. We have a seasoned team of attorneys well versed in all the statues of Federal and Pennsylvania State laws. Over the years we have effectively represented hundreds of men and women in a wide range of issues and deal with contentious cases that are related to parental rights. Whether the case involves negotiations, mediations or a courtroom settlement we ensure you of the best legal representation. Unlike most other law firm in Pittsburg we aren’t shy of taking the case to trial to help you achieve what you want. We practice across different domains of Family Law and this includes

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Child Support and Modifications
  • Determination of Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Property Distribution
  • Spousal Support

Protecting Your Rights, Family and Future

If you are wondering what drives us as Portland’s top-rated family attorney, we are committed to protecting your rights, family and future. As mentioned earlier most events concerning family law can be stressful. If often gets so deep into your minds that you start looking for immediate relief from your problem and forget about the long term consequences of your actions. That’s where we step in and offer you not only legal advice but suggestions that would protect your rights and also ensure the well-being of others who matter. For instance you may be desperate for your child’s custody, but is it in his/her best interest? We don’t look at family issues from mere legal angle but want to ensure that you and your loved ones get the best out of the legal system.

As the leading Family Law Firm in Portland we are always up for a challenge and helping our clients earn justice from the legal system. If you want to discuss your problems come to us for a Free Consultation and we shall find the right solutions to these problems.

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